You defended it. You sacrificed for it. Now see it, and enjoy it.

Back in Jan I was at a real low point. The trip we took to Big Bend was just what I needed to get my mind right and just reset. Being out in nature with like minded brothers was just what I needed. Looking forward to the next one.

Stephen L.
Air Force Veteran, Spartan/GORUCK Legend

This group has saved my life and came to my side when I needed them most... with the support of my brothers and sisters my warrior spirit has been woken up... that spirit is back on track with a more focused and determined since of discipline than ever before...

I had take up a summer home, in the valley of the shadow of death... this group came marching in to make sure I knew how to get back home...

Mike M.
Navy Veteran, Houston, TX

Great group of Vets. I have enjoyed my time with the guys riding mountain bikes.

John Z.
USMC Veteran, Houston, TX

from what I've read this group has done a lot of good to help veterans in numerous ways. If you're a veteran I suggest you check them out. And if you're not a veteran check them out anyway they might be able to use your help.

Rick R.
Retired Veteran, Houston, TX

Our Mission

It's simple, really: To enrich the lives of our fellow Veterans and First Responders by bringing them TOGETHER for what we miss the most; camaraderie. We use nature and outdoor activity to facilitate this, and firmly believe that nature heals.

We do all this with the ultimate goal of reducing the Veteran & First Responder suicide rate, and assisting transitioning Veterans into civilian life by providing a support network of like minded Vets. Nobody ever talks about the First Responder suicide rate, but research it, and you may be shocked.

Thrills, not pills. I swear we'll copyright that one day, but that's the basic premise of how we think. Sometimes meds can help, we're not discounting that. We just believe that often, some fun in the sun, fresh air, and physical activity with your brothers and sisters in arms can solve a lot of problems if we just let it.

About us, our story, and why we do it.

Eric C.


Operation Yellowbird is all about the well being of our fellow Veterans. We wholeheartedly seek to promote a healthy, positive lifestyle for Vets. OPYB creates and hosts "Veteran ONLY" events like backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and mountain bike riding. We also host "Family Days" when Veterans can bring their entire family out to meet the rest of the crew in a safe, kid friendly environment. We even do community service projects to foster a renewed sense of purpose.

Initially, this started as a one-man operation. I used to hike, backpack and camp alone when I left the Marine Corps. It was my way of adjusting to a new, not military life. I had heard that an instructor of mine had committed suicide, and it blew my mind. He was the absolute LAST person I thought would do that. They guy just projected strength.

After several years backpacking alone, I thought it might be better and more fun to bring other Vets along for the adventure and fresh air. That was in 2015. For a while it didn't have a name. It was 2 guys, then 3, then a few more, and one day boom, 30 something people. That was 2017 when things began to take off. I knew I had to give it an identity. The name was inspired by a favorite cadence that involves a "little yellow birdie with a little yellow bill" who sits upon a window sill.

It doesn't end well for the bird, but we view some of the issues that Veterans and First Responders deal with AS that bird. If you know the cadence, you now know what we are trying to do.

Our Next Big Adventure:

Our next big adventure is Big Bend, Texas! Three days and two nights of hiking, camping, 4x4, and EPIC views in one of the most beautiful places in America! Veterans ONLY. 10 spots available in our hiking group. Limited seats available in our off-road group. Email us your proof of Veteran status (DL/DD-214) to join us.


Big Bend, Texas

Start date:

Friday, January 15, 2021

8:00 AM

End date:

Sunday, January 17, 2021

3:00 pm

You can arrive on Thursday and camp out in one of the many campsites in/near Chisos Basin (on your own). That way you are well rested for the start of the hike on Friday morning!